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Post Incubus brouhaha.
Monday, March 22, 2004
If there were such a thing as brilliance by association, I would have a halo around me.

I was the girl, but the question came from Marco.

Maybe I should take another crash course in contemporary music history from Marco again.

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who would've thunk it.
Saturday, March 6, 2004
Guess what?

I'm interviewing Incubus after all.

Someone's more excited than I am.

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new crush
Tuesday, February 24, 2004
listening to: John Coltrane - Tunji
image courtesy of www.benjelen.com
Ben Jelen

Come on
And finally the silence,
looking out, looking back across the sky,
Trying to find a meaning,
knowing that I just left it all behind
Still I smell a lingering softness
Where did she go, how did she go, I wanna know
I wanna know that she'll be coming here to me
Come on, without you I'll never feel the love inside
of me
Come On, you know that we belong
come on, come on
Thinking back before her,
I never knew the meaning of alone
Still the flag is feeling foreign,
I live the day to escape into a phone
Speaking of a world not real then
where did she go how did she go, I wanna know
I wanna know that she'll be coming here to me
Come on...
She's coming, She's coming here to me, I'm needing,
desiring to kiss her now, I'm living for her,
breathing for her, singing for her fairytale.

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Saturday, February 21, 2004
When I was younger and in a much lareger state of cluelessness than today, when people used to mumble "Why do I even try?", I wanted to smack them because it seemed to be such a stupid reaction to the world.

Why do I even try?

Now I understand the sentiment behind the words.

I'm sitting here in all my cucumber-melon scented glory mumbling:
Why do I even try?

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Post Valentine's...
Monday, February 16, 2004
photo courtesy of AFP/www.philstar.com

FOR GUINNESS: More than 5,000 couples kiss simultaneously for 10 seconds to set a new world record at Malate’s Plaza Rajah Sulaiman in the early minutes of Valentine’s Day.

If you were there, and alone, and standing on the rooftop of Manila Diamond Hotel or Manila Hotel, you would have jumped.

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35th day of 2004
I put this up in my LJ a few days ago and I just have to repost it because it's so hysterical to me:

They're making me do CD reviews now.
Miss Music Ninny of the Millenium.

*cue laugh track*
Hysterical isn't it?

Dear boss,
Pwede pong mag-leave?

End of this month pa naman. Kasi po:
May nakuha akong info from some people working in Lagen Island, El Nido Palawan that the Amazing Race will be there this month.

Darating yung crew ng Amazing Race sa Feb. 17 sa Lagen Island, El Nido Palawan. Tapos the contestants will be there on Feb. 24-25.
Pero hindi pa naman sure yan. Chismis pa lang.

*Chismis nicked off vo_kim_bulary.

Fangirl coming through:

Yun lang.

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